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Host a Private Concert in Your Home!
A concert in your home can be one of the most memorable nights you'll ever experience.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider hosting a Kurt Scobie House Concert:

A house concert allows for the crowd to "get to know" the artist performing. A room of 20-30 people connects better to a performer than an audience of hundreds or thousands. It is usually much more casual as well. A relaxed environment can help everyone have a more enjoyable time.

Many music venues have extra charges to cover staff, publicity, sound engineers, and other operation costs. Therefore, concert tickets can get pretty pricey. Not to mention the additional costs of over-priced food and drinks. When you host your own show, the cost is virtually zero. 

Life has become increasingly chaotic and fast-paced for many people. Hosting a relaxing and fun evening of music in your home can bring you closer and connect to friends you wouldn't otherwise see during a busy week. The memories made over a shared appreciation for music can bond people together and build a support system of close friends. 

Touring artists have some of the most interesting, fun, crazy, horrific, and heart-wrenching stories and songs you'll ever hear. The combination of good friends and good music is a win-win for everyone. House concerts are just FUN!

Visit the "House Concert FAQ" page for more info.

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about booking Kurt Scobie for a house concert, email 

July, 2012 - "I was amazed at how many people emailed or called me after the show. My guests (and I) were amazed at his talent. We were also blessed that he was here the night before his new cd release. We made our show the UNOFFICIAL ONE! Kurt is extremly talented in every way. He is a great artist and great guest. Highly recommend. I will have him back!"
(C. Bossi - house concert host)