I just can’t get you out of my head
I’m so wrapped up in you
With every thought and everything I see I get
Flooded by thoughts of you

And it feels
Like you make the world go ‘round
Everything’s alright
When I know that you’re around

In all that you do
I’m daily crazier for you
Even the air that you breathe out
Intoxicates me for you

Oh it feels
Like you’re making time stand still
Everything’s alright in the world
Every dream you’re making real

I’m just falling in love
I’m just flying
I’m climbing a mountain
That I cannot climb
I’m just falling in love
I am drowning
In waves of you

You know that I would travel the world
Just for one more day with you
People may stand in my way
But there ain't no way you're gonna keep me from getting to you
I'm gonna get to you

And it feels like it was meant to be
I'm standing in a crowd of a million people
But you know yours is the only face I see

I’m just falling in love...

I’m just falling in love
I’m just dying
To find out the beautiful
Secrets inside you
I’m just falling in love
I’m just drowning
In waves of you