Holy (Wedding Day)

Holy Wedding Day
September 5, 2014

"This is the story of a bride in white
Waiting on her wedding day
Anticipation welling up inside
While the groom is crowned the King"
- The City Harmonic "Holy (Wedding Day)"

I love this picture.

In case you need the explanation, the Church is the bride in white. Jesus is the groom. And that "in white" part just blows my mind every time I hear (or sing) this song. Through Jesus we are made worthy to be the bride of Christ. Through the blood of Jesus, we are washed clean. Not one of us, by our own merit, deserves to be clothed in white at all.

I think about my life and all of the mistakes I've made. And all of my character flaws. And my shortcomings. And I know that without a savior, a redeemer, I am completely hopeless. My wrongs have earned me eternal separation from God.

But, Jesus.

I grew up in the church, attending services pretty much every Sunday. And I quickly learned that "Jesus" was the answer to just about any question my sunday school teachers asked (also "God", "Bible", and "Pray").

And the answer hasn't changed all these years later. The only change is in me. I am slowly beginning to "get it". I am extremely thankful for a loving God who is patient and kind. He is so faithful. And one day, his bride will stand before him, in the most beautiful wedding ceremony, beside a sea of glass, and all that was and is will stand before us and sing over us.

That gives me such hope. This world can be so devastating and disappointing. So much hurt. So much loss. And most of the time I feel like I just don't "fit in". Because I don't. I was made (and so were you) for eternal life. Not for death. And when I think about that day when I go home to be with Jesus, the troubles don't seem so troubling. The trials don't seem too hard. Heaven is worth it. Jesus is worth it.

On September 2nd, my church released an album of worship music recorded LIVE during our weekend services. "Covered Live" features 10 tracks of our favorite worship songs, including "Holy Wedding Day" which I had the honor of singing. Here are a few places where you can get it. Enjoy!