Recording Session [Photos]

Posted by Kurt Scobie on February 2, 2015 

Last week I had the pleasure and honor of beginning the recording process for my third studio project. I met up with producer/engineer Chuck Harris at a little church in Lookout Mountain, GA (near Chattanooga) and we began the process of bringing a few of my new songs to life.

Here are a few photos from my session. Special thanks to Chelsea McGough for your beautiful cello work!

In my happy place.

Grace Presbyterian Church provided a perfect space to track piano and cello.

A beautiful Yamaha C6 baby grand.

I like stained glass.

Chelsea McGough applying the cello butter to my songs.

It was a peaceful day on the mountain. All recording sessions should be this relaxing.

The vocal corner back at Chuck's home studio.

Oh, hi there!

Throat Coat tea and God made this vocal session possible.

Mix master Chuck Harris, doing what he does.

Chuck and I before headed home. Grateful for this new friend.