May 1, 2013

During my senior year of high school my classmates voted me as the "biggest procrastinator" in one of those silly senior surveys. At the time, I was just proud to get some recognition for something I was "good at". Well, these days I am not so proud of that "biggest procrastinator" title. I am doing all I can to accomplish what I need/want to accomplish by the deadlines I set.

If I can be completely honest, I don't think I have improved in this area. On a recent podcast I was listening to, Chris LoCurto and Rory Vaden were talking about this subject and I was reminded, once again, that this is something I need to work on. The following quote sums it up their conversation.

"Easy short-term choices lead to difficult long-term consequences. Meanwhile, difficult short-term choices lead to easy long-term consequences." -Rory Vaden

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